About Horihiro

Horihiro is a tattoo artist from Kansai, the Western region of Japan who uses the traditional Japanese technique of inking by hand. He has inked thousands of people with his needlework. Among the Yakuza (Japanese mafia), he is known as the “number one tattooist in Osaka”. He is an artist who has devoted himself to this technique for 30 years, since becoming an apprentice of what is said to be the oldest group of tattooists in Osaka, the Horimitsu.

The main characteristic of Horihiro’s hand-inked tattoos is the beauty in the shading of their indigo blue. He creates spectacular shading only by the tones of a Sumi ink that he makes himself, and by changing the pressure of tattoo needle. You instinctively want to touch the portion of skin where he has applied the ink as the skin gains a detailed texture and becomes a deep glossy indigo blue.

Another thing Horihiro can be proud of is that his tattoos don’t fade for 10 or even 20 years. It can be assured that over time the tattoo will become a part of your body and your skin, unlike tattoos that fade over a number of years.

Designs of animals with scales, such as dragons and carp make best use of this technique. The shading of each scale is delicately applied and this subtle colour can be done only by hand, not machine.

Horihiro’s work is quick and precise. The work is not too painful and causes little bleeding, even compared to machine tattooing. Of course experience differs person to person, but generally the work heals quickly and scabs rarely occur. In other words, it’s gentle, and damage on the skin is very minor. This is why the tattoo will look just as fantastic after a few months, and when it's settled and it becomes a part of your skin.









Horihiro profile

1981 関西五代目彫光一門
Trained under a 6 generation Horimitsu tattoo master. Horimitsu is a tattoo style that has made beautiful tattoo since the Edo generation
1983 大阪羽曳野市に仕事場を構える
Opened first tattoo business in Habikino, Osaka
1989 大阪東住吉区に仕事場を移転
Moved Horihiro tattoo business to Higashi-sumiyoshi, Osaka
2000 ドイツでタトゥ・コンベンションに参加
Visited Germany to discover new influence for tattoo art
2003 東大阪市布施に「TATTOO 彫弘」を開業
After returning from Germany, restarted Horihiro tattoo business in Fuse, Higashi Osaka
2004 心斎橋アメリカ村に店舗移転
Moved Horihiro tattoo business to Shinsaibashi, America-mura, Osaka
2011 この年より不定期でオーストラリアを訪問、現地で活動
Visiting Australia a few times since 2011
2014 日本橋にスタジオ移転
Moved the studio to Nipponbashi, Osaka